Turkon Line’s Vessel Rescued A Survivor In The Atlantic Ocean
One of the vessels of Turkon Line fleet, Nevzat Kalkavan, started to sail to Algeciras on July 13, 2019 from the US port of Savannah, On 17.07.2019, the vessel received an emergency call from the RCC (Search and Rescue Center) Norfolk. Nevzat Kalkavan Vessel continued the course of the boat, which was mentioned in the call as having had an accident.

The survivor stated that on 1 July 2019, he had sailed from Martinique Island to the Azores and hit something during his sailing and his boat had begun to take up water.He first tried to evacuate the water, and when he did not succeed, he called for emergency aid and left his boat.The survivor was taken to our vessel by the efforts of Nevzat Kalkavan crew and survived.