Industrial Solutions

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Chemicals, Flammable & Explosives

Chemical products have an indispensable importance as raw materials in various sectors. However, since these products are generally classified as dangerous goods, they cannot be handled like other cargo groups.

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Packaging Material, Plastic Products & Scrap

Plastic products play an important role in the production processes of many industries as raw materials. In addition, the product of packaging material has a very wide market as an industry.

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Food & Agriculture

Food and agriculture, in terms of being oriented to the primary needs of people, are among the basic industry that have always been very important and will always maintain their importance.

Support Solutions

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If the containers supplied by the carrier are not returned to the carrier after being unloaded by the consignee within the free time specified in the tariff, the delay fee which the carrier has the right to demand from the consignee or the shipper in accordance with the provisions of the bill of lading, and which is processed for each day of delay, is called “container demurrage”.

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The BAF tariff will be reviewed quarterly and will be adjusted according to actual fuel price change compared to previous adjustment. If the fuel price change is more than USD 40 then the BAF tariffs will be applied monthly.

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VGM (Verified Gross Mass)

VGM is a term that refers to the practice of weighing containers on commercial vessels by certified weighing equipment and sharing the weight information (including the weight of cargo, packing and securing materials, dunnage and tare weight of the container) with the carrier and terminal before loading.


Quality-Service Impact on Export Records

Quality-Service Impact on Export Records

Turkon Line CEO Alkın Kalkavan drew attention to Turkey's records in export and said, "We think that our proximity to important markets and our product and service quality are effective in our country breaking records in export almost every month in 2022." said.

Turkon Line Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Turkon Line Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Turkon Line was established to transport containers to USA which has a very important place in world maritime trade has become the first Turkish company by providing the shortest transit time in its industry.

Turkon Live Support is currently live  on the Web Site…

Turkon Live Support is currently live on the Web Site…

“Turkon Live” is Currently Live, as the Ocean Currents Flow!


HWSC (Heavy Weight Surchage) Revised

Dear Valued Customers, We will revise  Heavy Weight Surcharge (HWS) as USD 100 in all 20’ containers for 22 tons and over(without tare) from...

ERS (Equipment Repositioning Surchage) Cancelled

Dear Valued Customers, Equipment Repositioning Surcharge (ERS) which we are currently applying as Usd 130/20’ & Usd 210/40’ will be canceled effective from...

Temporary Haifa Repositioning Surcharge

'Temporary Haifa Repositioning Surcharge' which we are currently applying and collecting from the consignees as Usd 125/Container...

Cargo Facility Charge (CFC)

Turkon Line suspends the “Cargo Facility Charge (CFC)” to the shipments from/to New York until September 15th,2022.

OSRA Update of USA

If you have any inquiries about the invoice that you received from Turkon, or if you deem that charges/free time are incorrect or need to be...

Cargo Facility Charge (CFC)

Dear Valued Customer, Turkon Line is announcing the “Cargo Facility Charge (CFC)” to the shipments from/to New York..

BAF Increase Announcement

Dear Valued Customer, We wish to inform you about the latest update on our BAF Tariffs. Please kindly be advised that due to...