Innovation Policy

Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. cares about innovation likewise human and the environment. Accordingly; it considers one of its main targets to fulfill responsibilities arising from relevant national and international agreements and legislation and to develop service and innovation strategies in order to generate added value continuously.

Turkon Line undertakes,

To establish an inspirational innovation ecosystem that will pioneer its sector, and so to contribute to the national / international competitiveness and to ensure that innovative solutions are applied in all areas instead of conventional methods,

To carry out innovation activities in order to make our services more useful and attractive by interpreting the national and international economic, social and technological change processes in a holistic manner with all our stakeholders,

To sustain the tailor -made service model with innovative activities and technology-supported touches in line with the objectives of meeting increasing or changing customer needs, continuous improvement and increasing service quality,

To turn the innovative thinking culture into a company culture and spread it to all service areas, and to provide resources to carry out innovative activities that prioritize ethical values, social responsibility and environmental sensitivity in order to be adopted among our employees.