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Turkon Container Transportation and Shipping Inc. was incorporated on March 3, 1997 by members of the Kalkavan Family. Turkon Line, which is active in container transportation services in the American, European, Mediterranean and Black Sea markets, is one of the leading brands in the sector. In particular, Turkon Line which is among the market leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean, America's East Coast and Turkey, makes a difference in the industry with the aim of a market strategy to focus on customer-oriented approach, customer-specific active and defines as quick solutions "Tailor Made Approach".

Having its own offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Bursa, Ankara, America, England, Germany and Belgium, Turkon Line continues to expand its service network with agencies it has contracted in various parts of the world. Turkon Line is supported and strengthened by the shipping, transportand logistics companies of Turkon Holding.

Among Turkon Line's principal markets there are Turkey, USA, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Spain, the UK, Benelux, Germany and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Ukraine, Romania and Georgia (Poti), which were included into operation in 2019, are also among the target markets. On the other hand, for Morocco, Portugal, Italy and France in the Western Mediterranean Region development studies and targeting are in progress.

Turkon Line vessels, which have direct and regular services from Turkey to America's East Coast, "carefully and safely" carry the product by providing the shortest transit time in its sector 16 days.

Each vessel in Turkon Line’s fleet is custom built by sister company Sedef Shipyard. Throughout the world, in the maritime transportation sector, Turkon Line, one of the brands that produce its own vessels, has installed Scrubber system on all its vessels within the framework of compliance with IMO 2020 Regulation. With this system, the water taken from the sea is fed into the Scrubber and exhaust gas cleaning is provided. Turkon Line with this practice became the first in Turkey as the leader and pioneer of the sector considering the use the use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution in line with the environmental policies it has adopted since its establishment.

Turkon Line prioritizing nature friendly sustainable development to create environmental awareness is the only Turkish company in its sector to invest on that subject

Putting its Tailor Made Servis Model to the stand, Turkon Line increases its service quality with its own offices and its experienced team every day. In line with the tailor made concept that has been succesfully implemented within the developing and rapidly growing world maritime transportation sector, Turkon Line also offers technological options to its customers who demand “online” services.

Turkon Line continues to grow as it maintains reliable service across the globe.

Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. It has ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System certificates.

Turkon Container Transportation and Shipping is the first and only Liner company is included in the Turquality Branding Program

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You can search your cargo by using both bill of lading,booking or container number.

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Quality and Environment

We know that we can be a part of a big purpose by doing small things. Among the works in Turkon Line’s activity fields, we give a priority to make people conscious with environments, to protect the natural resource and take precaution against pollutions, and to develop in a harmony with nature.

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