Supply Chain Policy

Turkon Holding Inc. and its companies aim to ensure sustainable environmental, labor and economic policies at all times by carrying out business plans developed with all employees and stakeholders. Turkon will preserve and enrich all the factors that will contribute to the quality of life of future generations so that tomorrow is better than today. 

Turkon Holding Inc. and its companies, ensuring that stakeholders during the service, along with all the elements that produce information, all the suppliers are also expected to have adopted this approach.

Pursuant to this policy, we expect that, together with Turkon Holding and the companies within it, all organizations that provide services or goods to us will accept the factors required by this policy with their service contents and practices.


As Turkon,

Establishing ISO 9001:2005 Quality Management System taking reference the standarts that are accepted by international area,

In line with the vision of Turkon aiming at innovative and high quality service, it aims to provide reliable and boutique service at every stage of the service provided by using modern equipment actively, meeting customer expectations.

Based on Total Quality Management, it aims to keep the staff and processes open to continuous development to the future and to increase the productivity and organization ability at a competitive level at international level,

With a high tenacity to help Turkon achieve its goals, a sense of unity and competence and creativity to serve the future, with its technical and social equipment and leading staff in the sector,

We work harder than the previous day to become an exemplary and leading organization in terms of quality and performance by implementing environmental management, information security, occupational and worker health management systems in an integrated manner.

We expect all of our suppliers to maintain Turkon's values and act with the approach required by this policy.


As Turkon,

It aims to achieve sustainable environment in all fields of activity,

From human to soil, from sea to animals, all of the environmental elements in the common areas of life, continuity, diversity in accordance with the responsibilities for the continuous protection,

Waste management application, emergency plans, together with all the output from the assessment of environmental risks, to address the environmental management in a systematic manner and manage.


Within the framework of ISO 14000 standards, Turkon will pay attention to the effective use of natural resources and will continue to work with all its staff and stakeholders to protect the integrity of the environment and all its resources.

We also expect our suppliers to develop and implement policies to preserve the sustainability of our resources and combat environmental pollution.

Occupational Health and Safety

As Turkon,

Services for producing all of our friends who were with us, creating a safe working environment for all kinds of occupational health and safety risks that may arise due to anticipate the necessary protection / preservation to reveal the method and application,

To provide training to all stakeholders and employees to effectively implement occupational health and safety practices and to provide the necessary equipment,

By providing continuous improvement, with the encouragement of the entire value added for the realization of applications, we are committed to achieving these goals by setting measurable and auditable targets.

We know that all of our suppliers will act in accordance with the minimum legal requirements and we expect their employees to provide all the resources and improvements they need.

Legal Sanctions Compliance and Ethics Principles

Turkon and its employees under the roof of Turkon carry out all their activities within the limits of the law. It acts and follows up in accordance with local and international laws.

Turkon sees children as the guarantee of the future and expects the legal minimum working age to be respected. Child labor should not be employed in any of the internal or external processes. The basic principles of minimum wage, overtime and social services required by law should be followed.

There should be no forced or compulsory labor, and employees should be entitled to terminate the employment contract within an appropriate period of time.

Turkon, in all locations, as required by law at least, at work, ensures the safety of the employees in accordance with the business and protect their health.

Turkon expects compliance with the principle of honesty from all internal and external stakeholders. It does not accept any form of discrimination; gender, age, religion, language, race, origin, disability and social preferences does not distinguish anyone because they see them as the colors of society.

Turkon expects the participation of internal and external stakeholders to ensure corporate information security within the framework of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System. In this process, Turkon expects its stakeholders, suppliers, to protect its information assets and to provide adequate and proportionate security controls that give confidence to interested parties.

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