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As Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. (TURKON), we use cookies, pixel tags ("pixels") and local storage technologies to facilitate the use of our website and to personalize the use of our website. We want this page to help you understand why the mentioned technologies are used and how to control or opt-out of them if you choose to do so. In this context, we would like to inform you within the framework of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.

What is a cookie?

Almost all companies that offer products or services to their customers through their websites use cookies on these websites. We also use cookies to provide you with a better, faster and safer service experience and to improve our services in line with your demands and needs. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device (for example, computer or mobile phone) when you visit a website. Cookies may be stored on your device through your browser during your first visit to a website. When you visit the same site again with the same device, your browser checks whether there is a cookie stored on your device for the site. If there is a record, it transmits the data in the record to the website you are visiting. In this way, the website understands that you have visited the site before and determines the content to be delivered to you accordingly. In this context, data that can be directly associated with you will be considered personal data.

Why Cookies are Used

Some cookies enable the website to remember the preferences you used in your previous visits, allowing your next visits to offer a much more user-friendly and personalized experience. The types of cookies described below, which are mandatory for the website to work, do not directly identify you.

Controlling and Deleting Cookies

To change your preferences for the use of cookies or to block or delete cookies, simply change your browser settings. Many browsers give you the option to accept or reject cookies, to only accept certain types of cookies, or to be alerted by the browser when a website requests to store cookies on your device so you can control cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser. The process of controlling or deleting cookies may vary depending on the browser you use.
Turkon has developed a cookie management tool so that you, our valuable users, can easily use your preferences regarding cookies. You can easily manage your preferences and permissions regarding cookies as explained on this tool that will appear on the site.

Category 1- Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are important for your navigation of the website, providing access to secure areas of the website and revealing permissions. If these cookies are not used, the use of the website will not be possible. Our legal justification for these cookies is our compelling legitimate interest.


Definition of Cookies


It is a cookie set for the management of in-page code and applications.


It is used for member login processes.

Category 1- “Statistics” Cookies

These cookies collect information about how our visitors use the website. For example, it lets us know which pages the visitors go to the most often and if they are getting error messages from web pages. These cookies collect information anonymously, not the information that can identify a visitor. Only numerical information is collected through these cookies and user identity is not identified.


Definition of Cookies


It is a cookie associated with Google Universal Analytics. This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as the client identifier. It is used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for analysis reports of sites.


Associated with Google Universal Analytics- limits the collection of data in high traffic areas.


It maintains a 24-hour user analytics storage.

Category 2: Targeting / Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and the number of advertisements in accordance with your interests. They are usually placed by ad networks with the permission of the website operator. By remembering the websites you visit, this information is shared with other organizations such as 3rd party advertisers. Very often, cookies link to other advertising sites for targeting purposes. These cookies are not cookies that Turkon is the first party operator, but targeting is done through the permissions given by the users before. Our legal justification for these cookies is your explicit consent. These cookies can only be processed if you give your explicit consent.

Fr, Fbp,tr

These are cookies provided by Facebook and are used for advertising purposes.


It is a Google Adwords cookie and provides visitor data.

Storage Time

Cookies are stored for different periods of time:

- Session Cookies: Session Cookies are only stored during your visit to our website, so Cookies are used during your current visit to one of our websites or a browser session.

- Persistent Cookies: Persistent Cookies are stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device beyond a visits to our website or a browser session. The next time you visit our website, it helps us recognize you and facilitate your use of our website.

Turkon protects all your data by taking maximum confidentiality and security measures.

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, you can always use your rights, such as learning whether personal data has been processed in the relevant article, and requesting information about it, by applying to our company. You can apply to TURKON in writing from the postal address or e-mail address or You can access the application form and the detailed Personal Data Processing Policy at

Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. (Data Owner)

Address: Ord.Prof.Dr. Fahrettin Kerim Gokay Cad. No:33 Altunizade/Istanbul
Phone: +90 216 544 18 00

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Turkon America Attends Crab Feast 2022

Turkon America Attends Crab Feast 2022

The annual Crab Feast event, held at Harbor Point Central Plaza in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, took place on August 11, 2022 this year.

Second Hand Automotive & Spare Parts

Second Hand Automotive & Spare Parts

Turkon Line delivers the product from the spare parts manufacturers to automotive manufacturers on time.

VGM (Verified Gross Mass)

VGM (Verified Gross Mass)

VGM is a term that refers to the practice of weighing containers on commercial vessels by certified weighing equipment and sharing the weight information (including the weight of cargo, packing and securing materials, dunnage and tare weight of the container) with the carrier and terminal before loading.

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