Who Are We?

We are sailors

As Turkon Line family, we are passionate about the blue and sea. We get strength from seas and are moving forward with the experience of our deep history in the field of maritime transport.

We are tailors

We deliver the Turkon Line difference in maritime transport. With our ‘’Tailor-Made Solutions’’ service model, we offer various and flexible solutions for the different needs of our customers, and we carefully handle every stage of our service. 

What we do is “Art”

We process the details with the meticulousness of a diamond master, like a craftsman… We know the value you give to your products and the effort you put into them, and we approach them with the meticulousness of a craftsman. We carry your loads with care and confidence, and we have been working non-stop for 25 years with the responsibility of your trust.

Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. (Turkon Line) was founded in 1997 by members of the Kalkavan family. Turkon Line, which was established to transport containers to USA, has a very important place in world maritime trade and has become the first Turkish company to provide direct service to USA by providing the shortest transit time in its sector.

Turkon Line provides service with its country headquarters and offices located in New York, Norfolk and Savannah in the USA, Hamburg in Germany, Antwerpen in Belgium and Felixstowe in the UK, Istanbul, İzmir, Mersin, Bursa, Ankara in Turkey. In addition, it continues its activities in various parts of the world by serving 38 ports in 4 continents with 21 agency, 32 agency offices in 20 countries.

Turkon Line, which actively provides container transportation services in the American, European, Mediterranean and Black Sea markets, is one of the leading brands in its sector. USA, Egypt, Israel, Spain, Germany, Lebanon, England, Benelux, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania, regular service, deliver the products they carry from Turkey to the East Coast of America, providing the shortest transit time in the industry. Georgia, Morocco, Portugal, Italy and France are among the countries it serves. While mostly chemicals, white goods, electronic goods, tobacco, paper, textile and carpet sectors are involved in export shipments, sectors such as automotive, cotton, paper and chemicals are involved in import shipments. Turkon Line vessels, with their direct and Line is among the market leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean, the East Coast of America and Turkey which are the markets it focuses on.

Turkon Line, which focuses on the "Tailor-Made Solutions" service approach, increases the quality of service it provides day by day with its own offices and experienced team. In the developing and rapidly growing maritime transport sector, it also offers technological options to its customers who demand "digital" service with the "Tailor-Made Solutions" service approach that it has been successfully implementing.

Turkon Line provides integrated transportation services to its customers in every region of Turkey with the support of Turkon Holding's road and rail transportation companies. In addition, the ships belonging to the Turkon Line fleet are produced in Sedef Shipyard, which is one of the largest private shipyards and group companies in Turkey in terms of capacity.

Giving priority to sustainable development in order to preserve the ecological balance of the seas, Turkon Line carries out all its voyages with its environmental awareness and sense of responsibility towards nature. Acting with the environmental policies it has adopted since its establishment, with the aim of efficient use of natural resources and prevention of pollution, Turkon Line is also aware of its important role in the fight against climate crisis. Within the framework of compliance with the IMO 2020 Regulation, Turkon Line has had Scrubber system installed on all its vessels, breaking new ground in its sector in Turkey. While carrying out its innovation activities with environmental awareness, it also shapes the corporate culture with this understanding. Turkon Line, with its great love and gratitude to the seas, is improving itself day by day in line with its vision of nature-friendly transportation.

Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. is certified for ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System.

Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. is the first and only Regular Overseas Container Transporter (Line) included in the Turquality Branding Program.

With our quality service approach to be an innovative and reliable business partner.

To be the best in the industry by offering tailored solutions to our customers through a dynamic management approach and a sustainable vision with a technological focus.

Our Values
People-centered, environmentally conscious, committed to ethical values, open to the digital world and change, innovative, and reliable

Our Principles

• We, Our Employees, Our Customers and Business Partners as One and Together create Loyalty with the Value we Give them and the Honest and Reliable Way of Doing Business, Continuous Improve and add Value to our Country.
• We are innovative. We believe in the importance of change and development.
• We are participants.
• We are open to learning and teaching.
• We create value, we protect values.
• We manage with data and processes.
• We know the talents of our employees, develop them, value their ideas and encourage them.
• We consider feedback as an opportunity, and we believe that criticism and warnings are a contribution to the corporate culture.
• We follow technological developments and invest in the future.
• We are patient. We like to listen and express ourselves.
• We compete effectively against our competitors in legal and ethical fields and avoid unfair competition.
• Confidentiality and access to information is our employees’ and our company’s essential and joint responsibility.
• Creating and maintaining a fair work environment for our employees is considered one of our top priorities.
• We know the importance of quick, accurate and effective intervention in emergencies and disasters and we take all measures to prevent it.
• We believe in the effective and efficient use of resources.

Turkon America Attends Crab Feast 2022

Turkon America Attends Crab Feast 2022

The annual Crab Feast event, held at Harbor Point Central Plaza in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, took place on August 11, 2022 this year.

Project Transportation

Project Transportation

As Turkon Line, we meticulously transport your special loads above the carrying capacity of standard containers.

Bill of lading

Bill of lading

In this section, you can find the terms and conditions of the bill of lading for maritime transport provided by Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. Details of these terms are listed in PDF below.

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